Our Story


Hi there, fellow natural enthusiasts! We're Alec and Sasha, the dynamic duo behind 21Captains, and we're thrilled to have you on board!

Let us tell you a little story about how our journey started. You see, we used to suffer from nasty Asthma and Hay fever attacks every year. We were tired of using conventional medicines and sprays that only made things worse. So, we turned to the power of nature to find a better solution.

After countless hours of research, we stumbled upon something truly remarkable - Activated Charcoal. This natural ingredient has been used for ages to purify air and water, and we knew we had to bring its benefits to the masses.

And so, the adventure began! For two years, we experimented, refined, and tested our products until we found the perfect formula. That's how 21Captains was born - a brand that's dedicated to providing you with natural solutions for your body, mind, and soul.

We're proud to say that our Activated Charcoal products have helped countless people breathe fresh and feel better, naturally. And we're just getting started!

So, join us on this exciting journey, and stay tuned for more natural solutions coming your way. We guarantee you'll fall in love with our products, just like we did>

  • Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances
  • Embrace the power of nature with our Activated Charcoal products
  • Breathe fresh and feel better, naturally

Thanks for choosing 21Captains - Your Natural Solution for Fresh Air and Mind!


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