Introducing The All New Look 21Captains Air Refiner!

The all new and improved Air Refiners are still combatting the same issues, but doing it in style!

With a revamp in design, the new Refiners can now STAND all on their own, OR be hung up just like before.

Boasting additional features including a new easy to clean Heat Transferred logo, a black stainless steel eyelet, plus, TWO 600ml bottles worth of recycled plastic is used to make each Air Refiner.

Most exciting of all, is the fact that each Air Refiner is 100% hand made right here in Australia!

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Adsorbs Excess Moisture!

You read that correctly, Adsorbs! Meaning it doesn't get wet and soggy!

Removing moisture in areas like:

4x4 Canopies, Linen Cupboards, Boats, Caravan's, Fridges, Bathrooms/wet areas and the list goes on!

Eliminates Odours!

Tested and proven to eliminate odours like:

Cigarette odours;

Kitty litter odours;

Pet bed/indoor pet smells;

Work boot/shoe odours;

Smelly drain odours;

And many more!

Removes Harmful Pathogens!

Using a 21Captains Air Refiner Bag can help remove odours, and Eliminate pathogens through their amazing natural air filtration and purifying abilities. Germs that are floating around our environments are quickly filtered out, leaving clean breathing air.

Removes Pet Allergens!

Not commonly known, but our pet allergies are actually caused by Dander (loose skin)!

You can try using your regular cleaning products, dust all the time, and vacuum regularly and still find your allergies irritating you.

21Captains Air Refiner Bags are effectively eliminating those allergens, and recycling your breathing air, leaving you and those suffering allergies Breathing Fresh Again!

Removes Pollen!

21Captains Air Refiner Bags are fantastic for Asthmatics, people who suffer from Eczema, and Hayfever sufferers!

Because of its porous structure, Activated Charcoal removes harmful pollen and dust particles from the air. Keeping dust mites and hayfever away!

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Activated charcoal has an incredibly large internal surface area. It works on Adsorption! The process of attracting liquid and gaseous molecules onto the surface of the charcoal.

Making 21Captains Activated Charcoal Bags arguably the most natural way to eliminate unruly odours!


At 21Captains, we strive to be sustainable. We have sourced Australian eco-friendly made products that are 100% compostable! For instance, our packaging and labels!

All our packaging, stickers, even the shipping labels have specially crafted adhesives that can be tossed safely as they are straight into your veggie garden, compost bin, or even used to plant trees!


The act of taking something no longer in use and giving it a
second life and new function”.

Adding a layer of activated charcoal to the bottom of your plant pot, underneath the soil, can help your plant's health in a number of ways.

Charcoal rids the soil of impurities (which is why it's sometimes a great health and beauty ingredient), repels insects, prevents mould and odours, and can also help protect plants from over-watering.


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